Zip codes in the United Kingdom

Post BoxZip codes in the UK are called Postcodes. In the UK postal code system, any property can be uniquely identified by the postcode plus house number or house name. Larger businesses and isolated properties such as farms often have a unique postcode. Postcode structure is alphanumeric with the following seven possible permutations:

A9 9AA
A99 9AA
AA99 9AA

There are only 5 cities/districts using the A9 9AA format:

B: Birmingham, West Midland
L: Liverpool, Merseyside
M: Manchester
N: North London
S: Sheffield, South Yorkshire

The postcode for the Delivery Office of Royal Mail in Sheffield is S1 1AA

UK Area Codes List

Prefix Service type 01 Geographic area codes. 02 Geographic area codes (introduced in 2000). 03 Nationwide non-geographic code, charged to caller at geographic area code rates (introduced 2007). These calls are included free in plans with “inclusive minutes”, unlike 08 numbers, some of which can incur extra charges, depending on the operator. 04 Reserved. 05 [...] more info ยป